“Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use some of the articles from your Website in my newsletter or my own Website?

You are welcome to reprint any article at no charge, provided you clearly indicate Joseph Sommerville is the author and provide www.peakcp.com as the source.


What do you speak about?  

My professional knowledge, academic training and experience as a business owner all focus on the strategic application of communication to achieve success. Clients call it “street-wise, results-driven and expertise-based.”

Specifically, I show professionals how to use the language of influence to make their messages more effective and more persuasive.

Some of the most frequently requested presentations are:

  • The Language of Influence
  • Better Communication Means More Business
  • The 7 Keys to Creating Powerful Presentations
  • Selling With Sophistication
  • Cracking the Culture Code: Multicultural Marketing


How do you typically work with clients?

I work with clients in the way that best helps them achieve their desired results. Some formats include:


What value do you bring to your clients?

First, when you work with me, you’re buying results. I don’t sell time, training or programs. I believe clients should be paying for results rather than activity.

Second, I bring expertise to what I do. I developed it from both advanced academic degrees and experience as a small business owner.

Third, I offer a Full Circle Partnership. See what it means.


Is communication really that important to success?

Yes. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Download the Proof.


Do you provide learning resources?

 Yes. I’ll prepare a learning guide that best meets the needs of the group. The length will depend on the program and the objectives. I’ll also provide a master copy for you to duplicate at no charge.


Can you provide a photo for our newsletter or brochure?

 You can download a color or B&W photo below.



What’s the next step?

I’m in business to be of service to you. Call me to discuss your needs at 1.800.420.5443

or email me at Sommerville@PeakCP.com


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